Virtual Number


Call Forwarding

Divert your inbound calls to multiple workforces. Individual extension number can be positioned for each agent attending calls, to connect your customers to the concerned agent directly. Fulfill and execute the business requirement, resolve the caller’s queries. And track every single conversation on the web page or aps.

Business Value

A single number reach to enable the fastest way to contact your customer and delight them. Measure the potential of each campaign and product by analyzing the call flow. Download and analyze report in a single page. Find the best solution that found the best result.

Key product features
Single display for multiple calls

Track all the call information by the use of a single virtual business number, get the complete analytics of the caller location, caller name and the device they called from. Reduce the perplexity and fix a smooth business operation

Call Monitor

A single number reach for your business that enables you to monitor all the incoming traffic and understand the value and the data.

Work Reports

Ever wonder what happened after the radio adds? No more! Track the potential of the campaign by providing a feed back or missed call number.

Quality Check

Listen to the recorded calls so that it can improve the quality and customer skills of your employees. Aand understand customer preferences.

Call Recording

All the recordings are save online access them whenever you need. Never miss a single chance to improve the business quality.

Real Time Monitoring

Some time it's just in front of us and we don't recognize it. Never miss a single opportunity to grab a deal. Monitor all your calls on a live tracking report panel.

Market Returns

Monthly and weekly report analytics for the business can be evaluated. Achieve success in the market returns by analyzing the call retorts from the subscribers. Use a virtual number in your business suite to explore the best feed for you for the best market returns.

Trouble free decision making

Get the analytical report which offers both analysis and information for the better business decisions and innovative ideas for business improvement. Evaluate the call responses transversely of the entire locality for recovered marketing returns.

Data and Report

It's very important for business to maintain the customer data. And pull the report anytime u need. With our vast data structure you can access your secured customer data any time any where though secure login and password.

Caller Enhancement

Document and record all your potential data calls for training purpose and for quality auditing. Listen to the recorded conversation to recognize and understand the client's requisite and necessity to deliver the client's needs at its best service

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