Banking and Finance

Financial institutions such as banks, credit card companies, brokerage firms, mortgage and leasing companies, in the wake of the information age and amidst the development of quickly emerging technology, are offering customers and employees services, which make their transactions more efficient, convenient and, therefore, more attractive.
Teckinfo's Banking Solutions(Contact Center / Helpdesk solutions)provide an effective link between front and back office operations, making certain that data is available across the organization - in departments, call centers and branch offices - from any location and at any time - day or night.
Teckinfo's Banking Solutions offers dedicated Banking Helpdesk Services, which increase the efficiency and convenience of your company, by providing constant live customer support availability 24*7-365 offering a variety of services. including: support for employees and customers, and complete start-to-finish automation of processes ranging from simple financial transactions to credit analysis and account processing. It may be used to provide information, online/Offline verifications, Lead management, Recovery, or conduct more complex transactions such as providing opening information etc.
By providing access to information 24 hours a days, 7 days a week apart from improving customer service, call centers also help to lower operating costs as consolidation of operations and Information Technology (IT) typically decreases labor costs.
Contact and call centers now provide banks with an opportunity to nurture customer relationships. Supported by integration and productivity tools, call centers have become proactive - rather than strictly reactive

Key Capabilities & Benefits:

• Easy to use
• Modular, Scalable & Reliable
• Comprehensive functionality & feature rich capabilities
• Multi-level self-service IVR with Speech Recognition & Text to Speech (TTS)
• Powerful Lead Management Tool
• Case Management
• Escalations
• Unified Agent : Interaction by Voice, Video, Chat, email, SMS and Social Media
• Real Time Monitoring and Extensive Reporting Features
• Task Management with Appointment & Reminders
• Maximize Productivity & Improve agent efficiency
• Leverage existing investments, lower TCO
• Minimize Operating Costs
• Increase profitability by optimizing efficiency of your people & systems.
• Enhance user experience across every channel and touch point
• Inbound calls are routed in efficient and intelligent manner
• Great customer experience increases customer retention and opportunities to cross sell
• Optimal use of all staff resources resulting in increased efficiency and profitability

Key product features

COD confirmation

Confirm orders for the e-buyers to ensure proper delivery of a product. Get an access of genuine buyers. Generate an automated call to every customer who chooses to buy swith you through Cash-on-Delivery model.

Order conversion

Retain customers that otherwise would be lost due to payment failures. Help buyers complete their transactions by either directly mailing them the transaction gateway or ask them to proceed with the transaction again.

Dispatch confirmation

Avoid door rejections and losses. Prior the order is dispatched for delivery, call the buyer to assure his availability. Generate an automated call seeking for a response for order authentication.

Non-delivered receipts

Arrange an automated call for the buyer in order to reschedule the delivery date or cancel the order. Eliminate the unnecessary costs of delivering the orders by checking buyers available.

Address Authentication

Confirm the address entered by the buyer enabling avoiding lost orders. This happens through the text-to-speech conversion of the address entered by the client. Allow customers confirm his address to prevent any error in delivery due to incorrect address.

Non-delivery services

Inform your buyers in advance about the delay in delivery of the orders placed. Keep your customers informed about the issues due to late deliveries and ensure superior customer service.

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